Impact Ukraine

Immediate relief followed by sustainable economic recovery

Together, we can rebuild Ukraine 

Across Ukraine, thousands of lives have been lost, and millions of livelihoods have been disrupted through displacement, lost homes and lost incomes.

How can we open a pathway to protection, self-sufficiency and, ultimately, economic recovery for the people of Ukraine? We believe it starts with looking at the basis of the Ukrainian economy: employees from small and mid-sized businesses.

Since the start of the war, many Ukrainian small and mid-sized businesses have been forced to stop operations. As a result, millions of Ukrainian people no longer receive pay cheques to keep their families fed, healthy and safe.

At Impact Ukraine, we’re on a mission to open new doors for the talented people of Ukraine.

As a first step, we are directly subsidising the salaries of Ukrainians who have lost their incomes and need urgent financial support. From here, our long-term initiatives lay the foundation for Ukrainian people to rebuild their economy.

Our three pillars of impact


Pillar 1:
Microfinance UKRAINE

With financial support from generous people like you, we directly subsidise the salaries of Ukrainians who have lost their incomes. Every cent we receive is directly transferred into the bank accounts of the people who need it most to buy food, medicines and other essentials. Our direct payment process not only offers aid within hours, but also reduces the risk of misused funds. 


Pillar 2:
Source Ukraine

Even during the war, Ukraine must keep its economy going. We help connect international organisations with Ukrainian suppliers from small and mid-sized businesses. The result? By simply purchasing the products and services they need, international organisations can direct spending into supporting Ukrainian people and rebuilding the country’s economy. 


Pillar 3:
Recruit Ukraine

We are working to match international companies searching for new talent with qualified Ukrainians who have lost their employment due to the war. In this way, Ukrainians can leverage their own professional skills to add value and secure their own futures. 


Our impact

News and updates

Impact Ukraine has now sent over 100 payments directly to the personal bank accounts of people severely affected by the war. In response, we have received thank you messages with photos of food and other essential purchases made possible with this support. These individual stories confirm our belief in the power of direct microfinance.

The way we work

Donation stream

Highlight need for microfinance
support to Ukraine

Create and communicate
payment gateways

Receive incoming donations

Feedback loop

Payment stream

Identify companies in need of support

Perform compliance checks

Receive payroll register and make payments

Verify that payments are received and get photos

1. Micro-finance payroll initiative

We have been working with multiple Ukrainian companies for several years to support business development initiatives. At the start of the war, our focus switched to offering whatever help we could, and thus the micro-finance payroll idea was born.

2. Verification

The companies and organisations selected to receive support generally employ less than 50 people. Through direct contact with the company’s CEO, we verify the company’s payroll list can be obtained and also ask for bank account verification where possible. We also work to obtain external references to verify the company’s legitimacy. 

3. Funds distribution

After our vetting process, the company sends us their payroll list, including the direct payment details for staff and contractors. Impact Ukraine staff then process each payment manually. In these initial stages, each microfinance payment is made for the same amount and offers enough support to purchase food and other essentials for two to three weeks. Many of the recipients have already sent us thank you messages with photos of their purchases, which generally include basics like pasta, eggs, flour as well as petrol/gas for cars and medicines. We have also been able to support approximately 20 staff at a medical rehabilitation clinic in Odessa.

Ukrainian boy holds a painted flag of Ukraine.

Source Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine - March 3, 2022: Having just disembarked a train, people walk with their luggage across the tracks in Lviv.

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About us

We work on a voluntary basis to operate Impact Ukraine’s efforts to support Ukrainian people and organisations. In our day jobs, we work in the tech sector, healthcare and finance. We have involved an independent director to review our decisions and ensure we maintain good governance. 

Several organisations have also offered their expertise, including DesignRepublic, Ancora Communications and others. We are extremely grateful for this generous support, and we rely significantly on their assistance when developing Impact Ukraine’s activities. 

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