Winter’s approach sets the clock ticking for Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine unfolds, people are struggling to rebuild their damaged homes, reunite with their families and recover from the trauma of seven months of war.

They are in urgent need of financial assistance, having lost their jobs and incomes, while the price of essentials continues to rise, along with fuel shortages.

As the winter season approaches, there are serious concerns about how people will survive in sub-zero temperatures without heating, electricity, running water, and gas for cooking.

Yet the determination of Ukrainians to carry on is truly impressive.

Impact Ukraine continues to bring crucial support to the conflict-affected people in need.

One of the SMEs who benefited from our support, is a manufacturer of protective clothing. Let’s hear from their employees.

Every franc, euro and dollar counts!

Your donation will reach people like Olena, Iryna and Natalia within hours and will help them continue the work they’ve been doing.

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